Cladex Industries is one of the leading advertising suppliers in the Middle East in manufacturing Multi-vision display systems, light boxes, aluminum profiles as well as any steel structure.

With over 25 years of experience, Cladex Factory has a flawless reputation with a solid foundation. We provide our customers with the best solutions that fit their needs and we always consider ourselves as partners while working on their projects. We care about every single piece of our work because we like to offer a complete solution, that is why the most sophisticated and demanding clients count on us.


We are committed to providing our clients a competitive edge with innovative solutions, today – and in the future. With research and investments in new technology, we are continually looking ahead to ensure faster and more cost-effective, methods to do our job, and yours. If you want to assure success with your next campaign, choose The Cladex Factory.

We are incredibly proud of what we do at our factory. We have skilled workers, our working environment is unusual in that we have resisted the trend to replace people with machines because we wish to preserve these traditional skills and pass them on for future generations.

And to insure our quality we created these departments in our factory:

– Factory management                                      – ACP Work Shop
– Lathing Work Shop                                         – Warehouses
– Light Box Workshop                                       – Prisma Work Shop
– Steel Work Shop




WaterJet ® CNC water Jet Machine
WaterJet SUPREMA 620 (2.000 x 6.100 mm)