Megas and Billboards


We are Unique in this field to the limit that each process assigned to us we deliver to the Projects sector to design and implement Architectural and detailed drawings to be manufactured and installed according to quality standards adopted within our company.

The marketing sector also issues a detailed presentation according to our perspective to offer to our customers so that they can imagine the final form before implementation.

We always take into consideration that the sign must be an added value to the surrounding environment. So we consider that each sign is an integral part of the beauty of the site in terms of coordination and precision of manufacturing, Assembling and installing.

We provide all engineering consultancy specialized in the implementation of all types of signs at Airports, Resorts and Parking Zones.

Because we fabricate our own steel frames in-house, we can offer many sizes and standard options. We can also assure quality control. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, each frame includes our Standard Hole Pattern and is electro-welded for lasting strength and durability.
Cladex-Industries offer your outdoor advertising structure needs. We have the expertise to fabricate billboard structures that will suit your specific needs.

We use only high quality materials and very well trained and experienced Welders. This will assure you of quality materials and workmanship to go along with our commitment to providing superior customer service.

Cladex-Industries will provide FREE engineering calculations to estimate steel requirements for bidding purposes related to any deals agreed upon with us.

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